In 2017, I want to be chill.

Growing up Asian, I’ve been taught to be “result-oriented,” to “do things quickly,” to be “competitive.” I have no patience for anything. When I hang out with friends that are not Asian, I almost always, always get asked the same question: why are you walking so fast, Captain Turbo? I always give the same respond: because the wind’s blowing and it’s cold, I want to get (wherever we’re heading) quickly.

In the 2 months break I had in between my last and current jobs, I had the time to deeply think about my family, friends, personal life, career, which, was pretty much just life in general. I’d wanted to learn fast, do things fast, grow up fast… until I realized, why am I not getting anywhere? I was constantly comparing myself to others, in every aspect- and it did me no good. I’ve now realized that the only one I need to compare to is myself; that in order to actually grow up, you need time to reflect, to think about the mistakes you’ve made, to figure out the solutions; that looking back is needed in order to move forward.

So in 2017, I decided to grow up in my own pace, not in the pace to compete, to chase the people that are ahead of me. I am going to just chill. I hope you are too.

Until next time. xx